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One of the most common things any parent of an anxious teen feels (aside from worry, fear & frustration) is CONFUSED.

Confused about why their teen is in this position, confused about what to do for the best & confused about what may (& may not) work.

But I want to let you know right now, you actually have a lot more clarity than you think. Because clarity is always there ~ it's just a question of finding it. 


So in order to help you find your clarity, I have a quick question for you:


If things remain the way they are, can you truly believe that your teen will be okay?

And, if that answer is ‘no’ or ‘I’m not sure’ or 'err...eventually maybe' then I have another gentle question for you...

And that is:

What is it you are hoping for?

Perhaps you are hoping that:

  • it's just a phase and it will pass

  • they will ‘get over it' or 'grow out of it' 

  • something will happen to make it all go away...?

or perhaps:


  • you will wait for yet another assessment

  • you'll tighten up on ‘consequences

  • you'll put tighter restrictions on their phone

  • book that therapist for an hour a week (& hope your teen shows up)

Now, I am not saying that any of those approaches are ‘wrong’ nor even that you shouldn’t try some of them but there comes a time when you have to be realistic about what any of these will achieve (never mind how long it will take)....

But in the meantime, you and your teen are suffering and things are possibly getting worse...


So, how about if there was someone who could...

give your teen the consistent support they need

understand how they feel and know what to do

gently guide them to feeling better about themselves & their world

completely transform their relationship with you

And you may well say, 'well that person doesn't exist, or if they do, I haven't found them yet'. 

And I would say, neither of these statements are true.

Because the truth is, there is no-one better placed to help their anxious teen than a committed, loving & compassionate parent.

So if you are in that category, then.....

...that person is

But you may immediately jump to thinking:

  • I don't know what to say

  • I certainly don't know what to do

  • My teen won't listen to me

  • I've tried and I just seem to make everything worse

And you may well feel this way right now but that is only because you have never been taught the skills, the tools or the mindset stuff that can truly help .

So what if you could learn?

Because it really is NOT rocket science and it is also exactly what I did with my own son when he became anxious during Covid (read my story HERE)

Go from feeling this...










like a failure

mum and son happy.jpeg

to this...









in control


teens laughing.jpeg

And your teen....?


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Be the Change

and watch your teen change too!

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