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FREE 3 DAY Workshop

15th-17th April 10am GMT

(that the experts don't tell you)

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Are you feeling stuck, frustrated, helpless and at a loss as to HOW to help your anxious teen?

Sick of the stalemate, the arguments or scared of your teen spiralling but no clue where to go from here?

Afraid you are losing your teen but just don't know what to do?

This FREE 3-day event is specifically designed for YOU.

The 5 Steps (what I call the 5 C's) are what I use EVERY SINGLE DAY to make sure my relationship with my son stays on track, that he 'stays on track' and to make sure that he is happy & ANXIETY-FREE.

And now you can learn these too! Discover the 5 fundamental things that you need to be doing so that you AND your teen can finally move forward towards happiness.


Make more progress in 3 days than you have in the last 3 months!

I can pretty much guarantee that you will leave the workshop feeling hopeful, inspired, encouraged and with way more understanding of how MUCH & HOW you are able to help your anxious teen- without therapy, medication or meltdowns!

And with a clear blueprint that will restore your relationship.

If you are a committed, loving and compassionate parent who wants to take action to see their teen happy, this one is for you!

Sign up for your FREE spot NOW

Hurry! Space
is limited!

Starts Monday 15th April

Replays available if you can't make it LIVE.

See you there!

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