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Replay Page!

Such a warm welcome into the 3 day Live Workshop!

I am so happy that you have joined and I am pleased to share this replay hub with you for the week!

All of the workshop replays will be saved on here but should you wish to attend live, at 10am GMT on the 15th, 16th or 17th you can connect via Zoom HERE!

If you have not yet joined The Parenting Revolution Facebook Group, it would be wonderful to have you there. That is where you will find supercharged support, notifications and bonus resources to serve you over the next few days.


And you could be in with the chance of winning some prizes too!


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I hope you get so much out of the workshop ~ see you on the inside!

Moira x

Day ONE Mon 15th April

Find out:

  • Why 'outsourcing' can be ineffective

  • What is driving your teen's behaviour

  • What is keeping them stuck

  • What is keeping you stuck

  • The benefit of 'zooming out'

  • The power of 'reframing'


Thinking about your own situation and teen:

  • What behaviour are you seeing?

  • What are the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that might be behind that behaviour?

  • What are the fears that might be stopping them?

  • What are some thought patterns, beliefs or emotions that may currently be informing your behaviour?

  • What are some of your own fears - about yourself, about your teen or about others?

  • What views do you currently hold about your teen?

  • What can you let go of and what can you re-frame?

Whatever comes up for you, just allow it to be there….


Take ONE dominant ‘negative’ thought or belief that keeps coming up for you and actively reframe it. That could be about yourself - or your teen - choose the one thing that you keep coming up against.

When it comes up later - which it no doubt will if it has been a dominant feeling /thought pattern or ‘view’ for a while - just notice it and see if you can step into that reframe……

Day TWO Tues 16th April


  • the role of control in teen anxiety

  • how we often as parents can feel out of control

  • how to fill the gaps to regain some control

  • the teenage & human brain

  • and the confidence you need to move forward


  • What is your current method of dealing with your emotions - of yourself or of your teen?

  • Where do you feel that this method is not working or is unhelpful - and why?

  • What is a baby step you could take to help yourself in those moments that would allow you to better help your teen?

  • If you feel there is a ‘gap’ there, identify the gap - what extra resources do you feel you need?


The next time your teen is struggling with something, resist the urge to ‘make’ them feel better or to ‘remove’ the struggle. Instead, acknowledge the struggle by saying something like ‘I’m so sorry that happened’ or 'I’m sorry you are feeling this way’. Genuinely try to empathise with that feeling & validate it - ‘of course you’re upset’ ‘that’s understandable’ then hand over control to them by asking something like:

  • What do you think might help you feel better right now?

  • Can I do anything to help?

  • Is there anything you need from me?

If you do not get very far with an answer from them that is ok. Make a loving gesture of some sort to let them know that you care - bring them their favourite cookie or a drink, give them a hug or ask if they would like to do something with you.

Day THREE Weds 17th April


  • the primary way we communicate as humans

  • why your communication with your teen probably hasn't been working 

  • how to communicate effectively and in a way where your teen will 'get it'

  • how to forge the ultimate relationship with your teen AND

  • the next step you can take!


  • In what ways do you feel you may have been ‘agenda-driven’ in your communication with your teen up to this point?

  • How do you think you could move more into ‘connected’ communication?

  • What does real connection with your teen mean to you - and how would it feel to achieve that?


Write a letter to your teen (that you will never show them or give them) about any new awarenesses that you may have come to over the last few days. Write the hopes you have for yourself as their mum, the hopes you have for them, the love you feel and the steps that YOU would like to take in order to support them the best you can.

All downloads, information and recordings on this page remain the property of Moira Healy

and are not for copying or redistributing in any format. 

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