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Emotional Healing & Release


A powerful but gentle release process that enables you to dissolve trapped or stored emotions, physical pain and negative thought/behavioural patterns.

If you have been stuck with limiting beliefs,  a niggling pain or condition, feeling like you are spinning your wheels or just bit overwhelmed by life, this is a level of the playing field!

Without having to relive any bad memories or even recall any specific events, this technique allows the healing of subconscious negative programming and resets the body's nervous system. It calms the body's stress responses and allows cognitive shifts on a neurological & cellular level - resulting in a balanced equilibrium and feeling of ease.

Reset. Rebalance. Restore. Rebuild.

Do you feel.....

  • Stuck, stressed, anxious, overwhelmed?

  • Disconnected, numbed out, heavy chest or heart?

  • Foggy, demotivated, defeated?


And are you.....

  • Engaging in behaviours that don't serve you?

  • Taking on too much, too often, trying to make everyone else happy?

  • Suffering from bad sleep, headaches, muscle tension or weak immunity?


  This gentle but effective 90 minute session releases your most         debilitating emotions to reset & restore your physical & psychological   wellbeing and enable you to feel lighter, brighter, calmer.

 This is not talking therapy, tapping therapy or thought therapy. There   are  no couches to lie on, no crystals or rituals.

 This is a natural processing of those emotions that have been weighing   you down, leaving you able to move forward as you want to.

 Reduce that emotional charge, recognise and dissolve your triggers   and become less reactionary, calmer, more neutral and more   positive.....

  What's not to love?!

What does it cost?

  • One payment of £147. This includes a free 15 minute connection call, the 90 minute session and a follow-up check-in one week later.

Book your free 15 minute Connection Call
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