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Are you the mum of an anxious teen?

Well, you are not helpless, you are NOT failing and you are not alone....

                 ....I'm here to help you help your teen so that both of you can thrive!

Inspiring one million mums to turn the tide on teen anxiety

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Does this sound familiar.....?


You're desperate to help your teen but everything you try gets rejected

Your teen is on another waiting list/round of tests & you are running out of options

You feel drained, tired & defeated, just worrying about them all the time

Your work/sanity is suffering &/or family tensions are running high

You feel like you are treading on eggshells, just waiting for the next crisis to hit

You're snappy, triggered, angry & frustrated, just wanting it all to go away are not alone!

In a recent survey, 61% of parents reported that their teenager was experiencing anxiety at a level that interfered with their daily lives. And no doubt, that number is actually much higher!

But when organisations, schools and gps are too overwhelmed/underfunded to stem the tide on teen anxiety, let's do what us mums always do - roll up our sleeves and do it ourselves! Because believe me.....'s possible!

There is a different way...

And it starts with YOU!

Welcome to the NEW emotion-centred, compassion-led approach that gets SERIOUS results! Empowering you with the tools & knowledge that get happiness back to your teen and your teen back to you.....

Become the BEST support your teen could ask for!


I'm Moira Healy and I'm a certified Trauma Release Practitioner, Emotions Maven & Mum who is helping to transform the lives of mums and their anxious teens.

What the heck is an Emotions Maven I hear you ask?!

Simply put, it is someone who is passionate about and deeply understands the huge role emotions play in our lives and how these can negatively affect our behaviours, our responses and our physical & psychological health.....

.....until you learn how to master them. Finding that place of emotional calm & resilience has been my professional & personal focus for the last 4 years -
but it wasn't always that way for me.....